Lady Sun Visors and More

Sun Visors, especially  foam sun visors for women and children are our best friend to help keep the harmful sun rays off our faces.  While most sun visors are so heavy and  tight that they give us headaches, foam visors are lightweight, weighing only about 1 ounce, and the elastic coil in the back can be adjusted so you will never have to have a headache again from wearing a visor. The foam sun visor truly is the most comfortable visor on the market.


The adjustable, elastic coil can be worn under the hair or even under one layer of the hair creating the look of a "push-in" visor without the pain associated with the "push-in" style.  Wearing the coil under the hair not only hides the coil, it also holds the hair off the neck just enough to make you feel cooler in the summer heat.


The fabric trim around all the edges sets our visors apart from the other foam visors on the market.  Many foam sun visors have been sold without the fabric trim and still serve the same great purpose, however, our fabric trim  adds a finished look and keeps the fabric edges from fraying.  The fabric trim also provides a better feel to the forehead and helps absorb  some of the perspiration and allows our visors to be machine washed. Air dry flat.


We have many different designs to choose from.  We offer something to fit the hobby or special interest of everyone. Listed below are the categories that we offer:


Animal Skins        Solid Colors       Bright Colors       Glitz         Bling       Hawaiian       Tennis  

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