Lady Sun Visors and More

Lady Sun Visors and More was founded in 1999.



We found out quickly that the fabric covering on the visors would fray around the edges and look old after wearing them a few times. Some fabrics would unravel quicker than other fabrics. We solved this problem by adding a fabric trim around the edges of our visors.  Then we realized how unfinished they looked without the trim.  Adding the fabric trim made such a difference that we have not sold an untrimmed visor since. The fabric trim also made them more comfortable to the forehead and helped to absorb some perspiration.  The fabric trim also allows the sun visor to be machine washed.  AIR DRY FLAT.


The  ELASTIC coil, which is covered in fabric, prevents the hair from becoming tangled.  This elastic coil is adjustable making it the most comfortable sun visor on the market.  When wearing the band  under the hair, it holds the hair off your neck causing you to feel cooler. It also gives the appearance of a "push in visor" without the pain associated with the tight push in style.  YOU WILL TRULY FEEL AS GOOD AS YOU LOOK!


To make your visor  special, we can personalize it to fit your special interest.  We can even add a  picture of your pet, family member or anyone else. Maybe a special flower you grew in your garden or a memorable picture from your vacation.   We can also personalize your visor with names of people or clubs  as well.  Take your visor to the next level and add crystal bling to it which is becoming the new trend.


Feel free to contact us with any ideas you may have: